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Royal Kings Schools offers an advanced language school that incorporates a semi-international system. The school applies all international teaching methodologies to the national curriculum and provides three international language curriculums certified by Cambridge, Delf, and Goethe.

An advanced language school offers language programs that go beyond the standard curriculum, such as specialized language courses, immersion programs, or language certification preparation. A semi-international system refers to a school that has both local and international students where a national curriculum is followed with international learning methodologies.

For information about the school fees, scholarships, and financial aid, please contact the school's customer service representative. You can find their contact details on the school's official website.

Royal Kings School is located on the Ismailia-Cairo road, behind Nefertari school. For the exact location, please use the link provided.

Yes, Royal Kings School has an inclusive program that accepts a wide range of cases. The school has a special department, trained staff, and a certified psychologist on campus to support students with diverse needs. For more information about the eligible cases, please contact the school.

In addition to standard school facilities, Royal Kings School offers several amenities, including a half Olympic indoor pool, squash courts, VR labs, vast multipurpose sports courts, advanced science and language labs, 24-hour CCTV, and much more.

The school considers transfer requests on a case-by-case basis. Generally, transfers are welcome as long as there is no specific reason to reject the request.

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